Energy facts for schools

Why we need to reduce our energy use

Saving money

Fossil fuels are finite and the age of cheap oil and gas which fuels our cars, heats our homes and fertilises our crops will probably end during our lifetimes. Competition from an increasing world population (9 billion by 2050) for energy is pushing up prices so that already many people in the UK already live in 'fuel poverty'*.

* A 'fuel poor' household is defined as one which needs to spend more than 10% of its income on all fuel use and to heat its home to an adequate standard of warmth. In England and Wales this is defined as 21°C in the living room and 18°C in other occupied rooms.

Climate change

Burning fossil fuels increases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is causing climate change, rising sea levels, more extreme weather and destroying ecosystems. Many scientists feel we are close the tipping point when global climate change will become irreversible.

Calculate your own carbon footprint

You can calculate your personal carbon dioxide contribution by using a carbon footprint calculator. Do this online and see your impact in a few minutes.

Both the sites below compare your results with others to show where you stand.   

  • World Wildlife Fund calculator – this covers a wide range of lifestyle topics including food, your home, travel and your purchases.
  • ACT on CO2 carbon calculator – this is a government site where you answer questions about your home, appliances and travel. Get footprint results and compare yourself with others and get ideas for footprint reduction and saving money.